Review: A Website That Doesn’t Inspire Confidence

Company Name: ViagraCanadaOnlineBuy
Year Founded: 2016
Business Address: Unknown
Phone Number: Unknown
Email: Unknown
License: No
Prescription: No
Ships from: Unknown
Shipping Options: Unknown
Payment Options: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Discover, Western Union
Customer Support: No
Discount: No

Domain Info

The record from the Whois database for displays very limited information. It turns out that the domain was registered on 2016-12-14 and it is going to expire on 2019-12-14, the last update was made on 2018-12-15. The domain age is rather short so I’m not sure this business can be trusted. The website’s IP address is and it is cool that it is hosted on a dedicated server. Although the website advertises products from Canada, the IP location is determined as Hauts-de-France – Roubaix – Ovh Sas.

All other details (registrant name, country, phone, etc) are redacted for privacy. For some reason, the online business prefers to keep this information out of the Whois record.

You should also know that the domain has changed 3 IP addresses and 4 name servers over 3 years, which is not exactly a good sign. Another thing that worries me is that I did not find any official records about “ViagraCanadaOnlineBuy” on the web. This may mean that this website cannot be considered reliable.

Products and Pricing

This website does not sell any drugs but it does advertise 3 drugs for erectile dysfunction: generic Viagra, generic Cialis, and brand Viagra.


All these pills can be purchased on another website at a very competitive price, which is actually one of the lowest I’ve seen on the web. Generic Viagra costs only $0.37 per pill, generic Cialis is available for $0.76 per pill, brand Viagra – $3.81 per pill. Although the prices are very good, the range of products is too limited. This is a thing that does not inspire confidence. I’d rather buy medication from large pharmacies with a rich selection. Another aspect that worries me is that ViagraCanadaOnlineBuy does not mention the manufacturer of these ED pills. Lack of this important information is a common feature of rogue websites.

Payment and Shipping

Unfortunately, this site does not give any information about delivery methods and terms. I think they are using standard airmail delivery (like most online pharmacies). The hidden shipping details make this website not very user-friendly.

Payment information is however given on the main page. It turns out that customers can pay for medication via MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Discover, and Western Union.


Legal Approvals

Since is not a pharmacy, this website does not has any regulation. However, they advertise ED pills and must be somehow regulated. Lack of this information is another feature of rogue Internet pharmacies.

A check with LegitScript verification service gives a poor result: they say this website is «Rogue» since it does not meet LegitScript online pharmacy verification standards. This is not entirely surprising.



The situation became even worse when it turned out that the website does not use an antivirus, which means that you may infect your computer with viruses and malware programs. Moreover, the website has no secure connection, which means your personal information is vulnerable and can get into the hands of hackers. These findings cannot add any reputation to ViagraCanadaOnlineBuy.


The main thing that makes a bad choice for buying meds online is the fact that it is not a real pharmacy but only an intermediate party. When you click on the Buy Now button, they redirect you to another website,, where you should provide your personal details and finish the purchase. This is a sing of unreputable websites that should be used for buying Viagra or Cialis online.

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Does not seem legal

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Does not seem legal…Ordered Viagra on another website.

100% scam

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Do not order anything through this website. 100% scam!!!

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