Review: Intermediate Between A Customer and A Pharmacy

Company Name: TOPmedX
Year Founded: 2017
Business Address: Unknown
Phone Number: Unknown
Email: Unknown
License: No
Prescription: No
Ships from: Unknown
Shipping Options: Unknown
Payment Options: Unknown
Customer Support: No
Discount: No

Domain Info

The record from the Whois database for shows very limited information. It turns out that the domain is only active for 2 years. This is the first thing that makes the company look suspicious. Short term domains are a common feature of unreliable online pharmacies, while drugstores which have been operating for many years usually can be trusted. The registrar name is Paknic Private Limited. The domain was registered on 2017-02-14, the last update on this site was made on 2017-02-14 and the domain will expire on 2020-02-14. The website’s IP address is

These are all details the Whois database contains. All other data are protected under GDPR and not disclosed. For some reason, the company hides information about the registrant name and country, the owner of the website, etc. Obviously, TOPmedX is using a domain privacy service to keep its real name and contact info out of the Whois record.

Another thing that worries me is that there are 448 other sites running on this web server. And the company name “TOPmedX” seems fake as I have not found any official records on the web

All these things suggest that may be a not safe online business.

Products and Pricing

This website offers to buy only 2 drugs for erectile dysfunction: Viagra and Cialis without prescription. This range is TOO limited or an online pharmacy and confirms my suspicion that this store cannot be trusted. Reputable online pharmacies usually offer a rich selection of products.

cialis and viagra

Prices for the available drugs seem very low, probably the lowest on the online market. Cialis costs $1.30 per pill, Viagra is available for $0.69 per pill. But low price should not be a crucial factor for choosing an online pharmacy. The thing is that the website doesn’t mention the manufacturers of Viagra and Cialis or where these ED pills are dispensed from. This is a bad sign which also may mean that TOPmedX may be engaged in the sale of counterfeit medication.

Payment and Shipping

Unfortunately, this website does not provide users with any details about delivery and payment options. I can only suspect that they are using regular airmail delivery service (like most stores). The hidden information makes this store look not only which makes this store not only doubtful but also inconvenient to use.

Legal Approvals

There is not a single sign that TOPmedX has any regulation. They claim to be licensed but never mention who they are regulated by. This is a sign of fake Internet pharmacies. They claim that they have been selling drugs since 2017 but do not provide any proof.


An additional check with LegitScript provides a disappointing result: this website is known as “Rogue”. This isn’t surprising keeping in mind the details we found out about this online store.


The site has no antivirus protection, which means your personal information is vulnerable. When using this resource, you may infect your computer or laptop with viruses. The only positive thing about is that the website has a secure connection verified by COMODO CA Limited (128 bit). Unfortunately, this positive aspect cannot add any trust to this store bearing in mind all those disappointing findings.

secure connection

The final thing that makes an undesirable choice for online shopping is the fact that it is not a real pharmacy but just an in-between party, a kind of intermediatory between a customer and a pharmacy. When you try to buy Viagra or Cialis on this website, they redirect you to another website to enter your personal information and complete the purchase – This is a common feature of dishonest drugstores that should be avoided.

User Reviews

This is NOT a legitimate pharmacy

1 5 1 is not legitimate. I ordered Cialis using this website and never received my order! I tried to contact them, no reply! So I think this site was created to steal your money! Awful experience!

I have not received my order

1 5 1
I have not received my order. The tracking number I was given is useless!!!

Legitimacy is a big concern

1 5 1
When I tried to purchase Viagra, I was redirected to a different website –! Did not seem reliable so I placed an order via another pharmacy

Cannot be trusted!

1 5 1
I ordered medication, they charged my credit card, it’s been 40 days and I still have not received my order. This company cannot be trusted! I think they just stole my money and never was going to ship anything.

Unrecommended website!

1 5 1
My order was placed 2 weeks ago, my CC was charged but I still have not received any tracking number. I sent them several messages using a contact form but they don’t’ give any answer about the situation.

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