Review: Controversial Reputation of Online Pharmacy

Company Name:
Year Founded: 2003
Business Address: No
Phone Number: +1-888-808-0333
Email: [email protected]
License: Yes
Prescription: Yes
Ships from: Unknown
Shipping Options: Regular Airmail, EMS
Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Western Union, Fast Debitpay, ARKCODE by 1stProcess, eChecks
Customer Support: Email, Phone
Discount: 10% for new customers, 20% for returning customers, free shipping for orders over $100.00

Domain Info

Unfortunately, registrar and registrant data are hidden. We have no idea what and where this company is registered. The IP address is According to the IP address, this company is located in Chicago, Illinois. The organization where this IP address is registered is Rackspace Inc. The Rackspace Hosting, US was registered Jan 15, 2010.

We do not know the date of creation and expiry. The latest update date is also unknown. According to the IP history, there was conducted 17 changes over 14 years. The data given in the section of hosting history confirm 14 hosting changes over 11 years.

Products and Pricing offers the following number of categories: men’s sexual health, women’s sexual health, quit smoking, health conditions, weight loss, OTC drugs. Each category contains a number of drugs used in this category.

drug categories

Bestsellers of this online company are Generic Viagra, Lovegra, Generic Levitra, Kamagra, Kamagra Orl Jelly, Caverta, Generic Zyban, Generic Propecia, Generic Amoxil, Silagra, Tadalis, Finpecia. This list is arranged on the front page. It looks like:


In general, we may suppose the range is not so wide. The drugs sold belong to the most popular drug groups. If you suffer from diseases mentioned above you will find the medications you need for the treatment.

If you need generic Propecia for the treatment of male-pattern baldness you will pay $0.72 per pill. The number of pills in a pack is 500. The dosage is 1 mg of Finasteride. If you want to buy a fewer number of pills you have to pay more.

generic Propecia price

Finally, this online store is a wholesale warehouse where you may buy more pills for a lower price.

Payment and Shipping

SamRx offers Regular Airmail, EMS. We found no info about express delivery, the only thing known is that your order may be delivered by express service if you buy drugs for more than $100.00.

free shipping

Regular Airmail is $25.00. This charge is fixed. In any case, your order will be delivered. If something wrong happens with your parcel you will be given a refund or reshipment.

This company accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Western Union, Fast Debitpay, ARKCODE by 1stProcess, eChecks. Choose one of the options and pay for an order online. All the transactions are secured.

These payment options will be suitable for all customers. If you find no appropriate payment options you are welcome to contact the customer support department.

Legal Approvals considers this company rough. It is unsafe to arrange orders via this service. This company doesn’t meet any requirements stated by Be sure to check the information using other legitimacy services. It is necessary to be confirmed this service is legal and approved for sale of generic medications.

legatscript samrx


The front page has no secure connection. The connection becomes secure when you are transferred to the checkout. When you visit a checkout page your connection is protected by SSL-protocol verified by DigiCert Inc. The encryption is conducted by a 256-bit key.

The ownership information is hidden. It makes us think the site administration tries to hide the data from Google and other services assessing its safety and legitimacy.

secure connection

The front page has an icon of McAfee but not clickable. We cannot check whether this website sets it up or not.

User Reviews

Terrible Service

1 5 1
The goods were not delivered. After talking with the operator, I had to cancel the order. I will not contact you again in my life, the customers themselves must do the work for the operators, they should contact delivery system and solve the problems created by the pharmacy! Cannot recommend this service.


4 5 1
Contact to confirm the order, specify the quantity and confirm the price. Next day delivery to your chosen point of issue. A number of products at a significantly lower price than on other websites.

Fake Drugs

1 5 1
Fake drugs! Bought a drug on which the composition and the name are written with mistakes! There can be no mistakes in the original preparation!

Discounts Available

4 5 1
I order drugs for the 3rd time in 2 months and I would like to have a more attractive system of bonuses or discounts. I managed to find active promotional codes. It is more affordable to buy medications online with discounts.

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