PushHealth.com Review: A Web Platform for Accessing Healthcare from Trusted Medical Providers

Company Name: Push Health, Inc.
Year Founded: 2013
Business Address: El Segundo, California
Phone Number: +1-855-787-4432
Email: [email protected]
License: No
Prescription: Yes
Ships from: USA
Shipping Options: No
Payment Options: No
Customer Support: Email
Discount: No

Domain Info

The Whois record for PushHealth.com reveals that it was registered in August 2012. It is a good sign as websites which have been operating for a long period most likely can be trusted. The domain is going to expire on August 2019, the last update was noticed in June 2018.

A domain registrar is Amazon Registrar, Inc. Regretfully, the owner’s name and contact information are hidden by a privacy service, so I’m not sure where this company is operating from.

The website’s IP address is which is located in Virginia – Ashburn – Amazon Technologies Inc. I found out that there are 1,894 other sites hosted on this server. It also seems suspicious that the domain has changed IP addresses 67 changes over 15 years. These findings make me doubt the legitimacy of this web platform.

Products and Pricing

Push Health, Inc. does not sell any products directly but rather connects registered patients of the platform to over 55,000 licensed pharmacies that can sell the medication across the USA.

The range of drugs that can be purchased via this website seems fairly good, it includes antibiotics, drugs for acid reflux, acne, asthma, birth control, bronchitis, cholesterol, cold sores, diabetes, eczema, ED, high blood pressure, malaria, ringworm, seasonal allergies, sinus infection, yeast infections, and some other conditions.

Each category includes a fairly large number of products. These are examples of prescription antibiotic medications:


Unfortunately, I was not able to check the prices for medications as the web platform works with various pharmacies and the prices vary greatly. At least I can say that they offer a great choice.

Payment and Shipping

Push Health does not deliver any products since it is not a pharmacy. They mention that patients can use this web platform to get e-prescriptions for medication that can later be picked up at the nearest local pharmacy.

You cannot pay for drugs using this website. For this, you need to go to the local pharmacy in which you get the prescribed product.

Legal Approvals

Since Push Health is not a pharmacy and does not sell any drugs, it does not require any legal approval. It’s just a bridge between a patient and a medical provider. They only mention that all their medical professionals in their base are licensed.

Checking with LegitScript had no results. This website is not included in the LegitScript base since it is not a pharmacy but rather an intermediate service.


This website does use antivirus programs but does have a secure connection verified by Let’s Encrypt. The encryption level is however average (128 bit). They do not use any antivirus programs, which increases the risk of your computer being infected by malware.


User Reviews

Was easy to get e-prescription

5 5 1
Was easy to get e-prescription. It is a nice format for keeping up with medical providers and getting prescriptions

Recommended service

5 5 1
Cool website! They quickly sent a prescription to a local pharmacy. Would use again.

Had my prescription within 30 minutes

5 5 1
Great efficient service, had my prescription within 30 minutes without visiting a doctor!

Very convenient!

5 5 1
Amazing service. Just over an hour in total from signing up to getting a prescription online and then picking up the medication from my local pharmacy!

Very quick and easy assistance

5 5 1
Used them for the first time yesterday. Picked up my prescription for Deltasone from my local pharmacy this morning. Very quick and easy assistance!

Highly recommend!

5 5 1
Push Health works perfectly! Have used them couple of times with excellent results. Highly recommend!

Excellent service!

5 5 1
Excellent service! Thank you for your care towards my husband who needed assistance. The doctors were understanding and listened very well. They acted very professionally and were very knowledgeable about medical issues. If you need immediate, trusted and professional care then I would recommend this service.

A little pricey but so easy and quick

4 5 1
Fantastic service. It was a little pricey but so easy and quick. I appreciate that I was able to get quick assistance instead of going to the hospital and waiting there for hours. Great application and service.

Excellent service

5 5 1
Very understanding and professional staff! Thank you for your help. The doctor was wonderful. Excellent service.

Employment scam!

1 5 1
If you find this job post online please do not apply! Scammers will try and use it as a front to scam you, someone who claims to be a hiring agent for them to scam you. I applied for a job through LinkedIn claiming to be an office medical assistant position for Push health inc. On Saturday which is unusual for a job interview I was contacted and asked interview questions using Google hangouts. I was told they would like to proceed with the interview on Monday. They didn’t even video chat with me. On Monday I wasn’t interviewed, the “hiring manager” just told me I got the job and the way he asked me to confirm if I understood something, was suspicious and unprofessional. He would say things like “got it?” Or “understood.” When he first contacted me he had a profile picture on google hangouts then on Monday it changed to the push health inc. logo. He told me my working hours, my pay and told me I would need to give him my address and other details to send me a check to purchase software and hardware/equipment to work from home because of the covid-19 crisis. This includes all kinds of computer software, laptops, printer, scanner, fax machine and cellphone of your preference. I asked him questions to confirm my start date and my work authorization which needs to be reported with USCIS. He wasn’t very responsive to those questions, he avoided answering them but initially he said “not to worry about it.” I think that scared him and he stopped responding to my questions. I tried again and he blocked me. I sent him an email to ask if everything was alright and he never responded.

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