PillPack.com Review: Advanced Pharmacy Service

Company Name: PillPack Pharmacy
Year Founded: 2013
Business Address: 250 Commercial Street, Suite 2012, Manchester, NH 03101
Phone Number: +1-855–745–5725
Email: [email protected]
License: Yes
Prescription: Yes
Ships from: USA
Shipping Options: Regular Airmail, EMS
Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, HSA/FSA cards, bank transfer
Customer Support: Email, Phone
Discount: No

Domain Info

The domain name «PillPack.com» was created in 2004 and will expire in September 2022. It was last updated in May 2013. This is certainly a good sign of legit pharmacy business, unreliable drugstores usually do not exist this long. The domain was registered by GoDaddy.com, LLC, an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar.

The domain name is registered at Virginia and the current domain status shows as “Registered and Active Website”. The registrant name is indicated as PillPack, Inc., which is another good sign. They use no privacy service and have nothing to hide. The company operates out of the address: 250 Commercial Street, Unit 2012, Manchester, NH 03101, United States.

The website’s IP address is, which is located in Ashburn, Virginia and belongs to Amazon.com Inc., a legit online business in the US.

However, there are some things that worry me. I found out that there are 706 other sites hosted on this server and It seems suspicious that they have changed 145 unique IP addresses over 15 years.

So, PillPack.com is certainly the United States based. This fully coincides with the address information they give on the website. The picture is in general satisfactory.

Products and Pricing

Founded by TJ Parker, PillPack is not an average online pharmacy, It’s an innovative pharmacy that “delivers a better, simpler experience” by pre-sorting all your drugs into personalized packets organized by time and date, and labeled with drug names. Each dispenser is convenient and recyclable. The company delivers medications straight to your door 2 times a month, making it simple to take all of your drugs at home or on the go.


Besides, PillPack coordinates with your doctors and insurance company to manage your refills, so you’ll always be sure you are taking the right drug at the right time!

The company offers prescription medications, OTC drugs, and vitamins. They even sell testing supplies, inhalers, cream tubes, etc. While their website does not display any discounts, coupons or special prices on any drugs, it has a provision where a user can request a special price by sending an email to the specified address.

There is no additional charge for using PillPack services provided they accept your insurance. They accept most prescription medication plans, including CVS Caremark, Express Scripts and Medicare. However, we recommend that you contact them before signing up to find out your insurance is accepted. So, this website seems a nice option to get added convenience at no extra cost.

Payment and Shipping

PillPack ships medication anywhere in the US except Hawaii. International shipping is also unavailable.

You can pay through most insurance plans, out of pocket or copays with credit cards, bank transfer, Flexible Savings Account, or Health Savings Account. You can also assign a bank account to be charged every month.


Delivery is free and you will receive your meds twice a month. If you need any drug urgently at the time. In all other cases, it usually takes 2 weeks for your first medication to be delivered because they need to coordinate your prescriptions with your doctor and insurance company.

Each package is delivered via UPS or FedEx in a small box, which contains no inscription of the contents to ensure privacy protection. The company also uses an additional security measure – seals. Their presence indicates that the drug requires refrigeration.

Legal Approvals

The company is fully accredited by the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission under the Program – Mail Service Pharmacy. The accreditation will not expire until January 1, 2021. Moreover, their website displays seals from the VIPPS program from URAC and the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy). This means PillPack has a license to operate in all 50 states in the US.

I checked these approval seals to see if they are active and it turned out that they are genuine.

approval seals

The company is also legitimate according to LegitScript. It turned out they comply with the standards for legality, safety and transparency set by LegitScript:



This site utilizes a secure connection verified by DigCert Inc. Moreover, the site has an Extended Validation SSL and this is good news! Certificates with extended verification are usually used by banks, payment systems, large online stores – those companies who work with large amounts of money. The Extended Validation SSL certificate confirms that this website is owned by PillPack, Inc from Manchester.


Such encryption prevents data leakage and therefore protects the site from hacking.

This is a major advantage of the site. The reliability of the connection causes more confidence in the company.

Regretfully, this website is not using any antivirus and malware protection. This means your device could be infected with unwanted malware and viruses, so before using this site, you need to ensure your computer or smartphone has reliable antivirus software.

Based on these findings, I can conclude that PillPack.com is a perfectly legal business, which offers added convenience at no extra cost.

User Reviews

I would not recommend this to a friend

2 5 1
Received my first order, two important prescriptions were not in the packages. Think twice before using their services. They are incompetent and offer no help when I call.

I love PillPack!

5 5 1
It is so easy and beneficial! Give it a try, you won’t be sorry!

Don’t use them

1 5 1
Don’t use them unless you don’t want to get the right medications as prescribed. They sent me the wrong items 5 times!!!

Waste of time!

2 5 1
Set up an account, entered the entire information including my prescriptions, insurance plan, pharmacy name and credit card details. Received an email saying my account was processing. Now it’s been 4 days and my account is still processing!!! Canceled the account before it even started.

Sent wrong dosage

2 5 1
PillPack sent a higher dose than ordered. They were not able to provide two separate boxes, one for morning and one for the evening. And they asked the doctor to fax the prescription 10 times! When I finally received my order, it turned out that the whole month of medication was useless because they send the wrong dosage!!!

Terrible company

1 5 1
Terrible company. Every month there is a new error with my prescriptions. This could be life-threatening for some people!

Highly recommend this company!

5 5 1
Got my first shipment which included 8 different prescriptions and it was perfect. Understandable and professional. Highly recommend this company!

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