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Company Name: Pharmacy RX World
Year Founded: Unknown
Business Address: 283 Danforth Ave, Suite 466, Toronto, ON, Canada, M4K 1N2
Phone Number: +1-866-401-3784
Email: [email protected]
License: Yes
Prescription: Yes
Ships from: New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom
Shipping Options: Regular Airmail
Payment Options: Credit cards, e-checks, automatic bank withdrawals, international money orders, international postal money orders, and personal checks
Customer Support: Email, Phone
Discount: Free delivery,

Domain Info

The domain profile shows the registrant of Pharmacy RX World is Privacy Hero Inc. The registrant country is Barbados. The registrar is Rebel Ltd. This domain was created and registered 5,350 days ago. It was created on 2004-11-02. The expiration date is 2019-11-02. The website was updated on 2018-10-03.

This domain uses IP address. It is located in San Fransico, California, the United States of America. The server used for this domain hosts other 17 domains. We understand it is not enormous but it may play an important role in not trusting to this website. The IP history also doesn’t attract customers because over 15 years this domain changes IP address 22 times.

All the information above is controversial. It may help people deny using this online service. It is better to check the information twice before making orders online.

Products and Pricing

It is rather inconvenient to use this online pharmacy as we cannot assess the number of items they offer customers. There is no complete list of medications included in the assortment. There is a search bar which helps find the prescribed medications.

search for medications

There is a list of popular medications. Currently, the following meds are included in this list: Abilify, Celebrex, Cialis, Crestor, Januvia, Lialda, Protonix, Viagra. This section is arranged on the front page.

popular drugs

In the bottom of the website, there is a note of other searched medications: Abilify, Amerge, Avodart, Boniva, Cialis, Dostinex, Effexor XR, Femara, Januvia, Nexium, Relpax, Spiriva, Viagra, Zyprexa.

We hope the online catalog is wide enough to meet all customers’ needs.

The price for different drugs depends on quantity and the region from where it is shipped. We choose Celebrex which price is $0.90 per pill if shipped from New Zealand in a quantity of 60 capsules. If you want your drug to shipping from Canada you will pay $1.22 per pill (quantity is 200 capsules). If you prefer the United Kingdom to ship your drug you have to pay $3.91 per pill. The quantity is 60 capsules.

price for Celebrex (New Zealand)price for Celebrex (Canada)price for Celebrex (United Kingdom)

If you want to save funds you may buy generic analog. For example, you will pay $0.45 per pill for generic Celebrex shipped from the United Kingdom. The quantity is 60 pills.

price for generic Celebrex

Finally, we may confirm customers with different income level may find price appropriate for them.

Payment and Shipping

Shipping is conducted in different countries of the world. But the fee is dependent on the destination. For orders under $49.00 there is a $9.99 shipping charge and shipped out outside North America will have a shipping fee of $19.95. They offer only Regular Airmail delivery. There is no mention of express delivery. The orders are brought within 2-3 business weeks. We have no idea whether you will be eligible to track your order or not.

shipping info accepts credit cards, e-checks, automatic bank withdrawals, international money orders, international postal money orders, and personal checks. We have no concrete information on what credit cards this company accepts. We suppose they are Visa and MasterCard. Clear this information out addressing customer care support service.

Legal Approvals has confirmed its legitimacy by the certificate verified by CIPA. This organization confirms the transparency of this online pharmacy service. This company meets the following requirements:

  • dispenses through a licensed pharmacy;
  • requires a prescription;
  • company address and phone number provided on the website;
  • promises privacy of your personal/medical information;
  • financial information you send online is secure.

CIPA also gives positive characteristics. According to this legitimacy facility, is unapproved. It has not met several requirements which have no influence on the quality of services provided. This aspect helps people trust in this service.


Safety sets up SSL-protocol. It uses a 128-bit key to encrypt customers’ personal data. The certificate is verified by CloudFlare, Inc. The ownership information is hidden. The pages you are viewing are protected you from unlegalized access to your personal data or automatically saved info like cookies.

secure connection

Unfortunately, this online store doesn’t use antiviruses to protect customers’ gadgets from viruses and other online threats. Be sure to protect your data from these threats.

One more aspect, PharmacyRxWorld poses itself as a fulfillment center but provides customers access to the prices, shopping cart and checkout without any redirect to any resource. Contact the customer care department to clarify this aspect.

User Reviews

Good Service

5 5 1
A large assortment of medications I need. Quick processing of orders. Best prices. Great service!

Recommended Service

4 5 1
I make orders via the Internet. Operators are always friendly and fast, convenient email notifications on the dispense of the order. Prices are low. Delivery is fast. Recommend!

Cheating service

1 5 1
Cheating service. They bring the drug with the wrong dosage, 2 times less. Noticed it only at home. In response, they write bullshit and try to convince me I am wrong.

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