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Company Name: FindViagra
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Domain Info

This domain is created on 2017-07-27. The latest updated date is 2018-06-06. The domain expiry date is 2019-07-27. The domain age is 675 days old. The registrant and its organization are hidden. The registrar is Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Openprovider. The IANA ID is 1647.

The IP Address is The server used for hosts other 443 domains. It may signal of illegal service offering to buy medications online. This IP address is located in San Francisco, California. The company name is Cloudflare Inc.

We also want to mention the changes during the years of the website existence. There were conducted 60 changes on 60 unique IP addresses over 13 years. Such changes may result in attempts to hide its identity.

Products and Pricing

This domain offers generic Viagra. This website is kind of an intermediator. It offers to buy generic Viagra from two Canadian Pharmacies – Visit CanadaPharmacyMed and Visit CanPharmacySafe.

The dosages of Viagra available are 200, 150, 130, 120, 100, 50, 25 mg. They may be delivered by Trackable Service (5-9 days) and Mail (14-21 days).

The price is $0.69 in CanadaPharmacyMed and $0.92 per CanPharmacySafe. Only these two prices are specified on this domain. This price seems affordable for such an online service.


Payment and Shipping

Unfortunately, this information cannot be specified as this domain is not an online pharmacy itself. The front page shows two online Canadian pharmacies. The first one – CanadaPharmacyMed offers Trackable delivery within 5-9 days and Mail within 14-21 days. Possible payment options are Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, Bitcoin. The second online pharmacy – CanPharmacySafe offers Trackable Courier Service only. The time of delivery lasts for 5-9 days. Possible payment options are Visa, MasterCard.

Legal Approvals is not approved and certified by any of the regulatory authorities. has not this domain in the database. It means that this domain doesn’t provide 100% security to the customers. There is a risk of been cheated.

legitscript findviagra

CIPA determines this domain as invalid. It is not included in the list of members of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

CIPA findviagra

It means this website provides no legal approvals. Be attentive when buying online via this service.


The connection at is not secure. Your data may be stolen. Be attentive.

insecure connection

There is no antivirus. The risk to catch viruses and other online threats is high. Protect your gadget or computer by yourself.

One more important aspect is this website is not an online pharmacy. It redirects to two different online pharmacies – CanadaPharmacyMed and CanPharmacySafe. These are Canadian pharmacies offering generic medications including generic Viagra.

User Reviews

A Kind of Scam Website

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I want to buy generic Viagra but this website doesn’t inspire trust. It redirects you to other websites. I do not recommend this service. Seems to be a scam.

Unreliable Service

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Not sure anyone should use this website. Find another much more reliable online service.

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