Review: Seems a Fake Online Pharmacy

Company Name: Buy Best Meds
Year Founded: 2019
Business Address: Unknown
Phone Number: +1-888-524-7141
Email: Unknown
License: No
Prescription: No
Ships from: Unknown
Shipping Options: EMS, Regular Airmail
Payment Options: MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express, JCB, E-Check, Bitcoin
Customer Support: Email
Discount: Next orders 10% discount, bonus pills, free delivery

Domain Info

The Whois record for reveals that it was registered on 2019-01-15. It means the pharmacy is only 155 days old. It is difficult to trust websites which have been operating for a very short period as there is not proof of successful activity. New pharmacy websites are often scams than drugstores that have been working for many years. The domain is going to expire on 2020-01-15, the last update was made on 2019-01-15.

Unfortunately, the owner’s name and contact information are hidden by a privacy service. A domain registrar is Paknic Private Limited PakNIC (Private) Limited, that is located in Zurich. So the website’s owner is possible located in Zurich. The registrant name is Whois Agent. I found no contact information on the website so I have no idea about where these guys are operating from. This is a typical feature of a rogue business and is a common sign of an unreliable pharmacy.

The website’s IP address is It seems suspicious that the domain has changed IP addresses several times over a short period. Another thing that makes me skeptical is that there are no official records about “Buy Best Meds” on the net. This means that this name is fake.

Products and Pricing

The range of drugs seems fairly good, their best selling products are generic men’s health drugs: Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, Kamagra, etc.:


They also sell antibiotics, diuretics, eye drops, herbals, sleeping aids, hormones, muscle relaxants, pain relievers, drugs for arthritis, asthma, birth control, blood pressure, cancer, cardiovascular, cholesterol, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, gastro health, general health, hair loss, hepatitis c virus, HIV, men’s health, mental illness, motion sickness, skin care, weight loss, women’s health, and others.

The pharmacy sells both generic and brand name pills, but they do not mention where they are dispensed from.

I found no drug quality certificates and this may mean that the company sells low-quality products. The medicine could be fake, containing inconsistent levels of active substances.

The prices they offer seem extremely low and differ greatly from those offered by legitimate stores. Generic Cialis Daily is available for $0.65 per pill, generic Cialis costs $1.00 per pill, Generic Cialis costs $0.34 per pill. This makes counterfeit products more likely.


Payment and Shipping

When it comes to making a payment for medication, you can pay using MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express, JCB, E-Check, and Bitcoin.


Shipping options are either regular airmail or express courier mail with tracking. The airmail delivery costs $10 and usually takes 14-21 business days. Express courier delivery costs $30 and usually takes 9 days.

Legal Approvals

There is no evidence that has any regulatory approval. Hey only mention that all their drugs are FDA approved, but there is no proof of it.
Checking with LegitScript gave no results. They do not have this online pharmacy website in their base. This doesn’t mean that LegitScript is in favor of the drugstore, just that this website is so new that they haven’t checked it yet.

All these findings are further proof that this business cannot be trusted.


This website does not seem the safest place for shopping from a technical standpoint too. They use an antivirus only on the Checkout page, which does not guarantee that your visit to the website is safe. They do have a secure connection on all pages of the website but the safety level is minimal (128 bit). The encryption certificate is valid and verified by Let’s Encrypt. These findings, however, cannot restore the reputation of this seller.


The most alarming issue about is that I’ve seen too many almost identical websites selling drugs. These other websites use the same text and graphics, have the same range of products and are always turn out a scam. The examples include but not limited to,, and

So, I found sufficient evidence for ranking this online pharmacy “scam”. This company most likely offers low-quality products, and has no regulation and hides its location. For all these reasons, I’d recommend that you consider other options.

User Reviews

Still no product

2 5 1
I have paid for medication 2 weeks ago and still no product or reply. Is this a proper site?

Worst pharmacy!

1 5 1
Ordered 11 days ago EMS delivery, still not received the product. Emailed them to ask for a refund, no feedback. Worst pharmacy!

Lost $98!!!

1 5 1
They took my money but never sent drugs – impossible to contact them. I think I’ve lost $98!


1 5 1
Placed a large order with EMS delivery, but nothing arrived within the expected period, so I emailed them asking for a refund, it’s been 3 days and no reply this business should be closed down!!!

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