1CanadianAntibiotics.com Review: No Proof of Legitimacy

Company Name: Canadian Antibiotics Online
Year Founded: 2017
Business Address: Unknown
Phone Number: Unknown
Email: Unknown
License: No
Prescription: No
Ships from: Unknown
Shipping Options: Unknown
Payment Options: Unknown
Customer Support: No
Discount: Coupon code

Domain Info

The record from the Whois database for 1CanadianAntibiotics.com shows that this domain is rather new but it’s registered and active. The registrar name is Name Onlinenic Inc. It turns out that the domain was registered in March 2017 and is only 2 years old. Short term domains are a common sign of rogue Internet pharmacies, so this factor doesn’t look great to start with. Pharmacies which have been active for many years are usually reliable and therefore aren’t going to deceive customers, but unfortunately, this is not about this website.

The last update on this website was noticed in February 2019 and the domain is going to expire in March 2020.

The registrant name is Domain ID Shield Service CO., Limited. The registrant country is Hong Kong, which also indicates a link to China. This factor also worries me because this country is “famous” for the creation of fake medication.

I noticed a couple of other interesting things within the record from the Whois database. They are using Russian servers to host the website. According to the data, their IP address is and IP location is Russian Federation, Moscow, Avguro Technologies Ltd. Hosting Service Provider, which testifies that the owner is in Russia.

Another disturbing aspect is that the company is using a domain privacy service to hide its real name and contact info. Besides, it turned out there are 412 other sites running on this web server. The business name “Canadian Antibiotics Online” seems is a fake business name which doesn’t have any official records on the net.

All these findings suggest that 1CanadianAntibiotics.com may not be a trusted online pharmacy.

Products and Pricing

This website offers to buy only 4 antibiotics online: Amoxil, Cipro, Doxycycline, Zithromax without prescription. This range is very limited and may indicate that the store is unreputable. Trusted and well-known pharmacies usually have a fairly wide catalog of drugs.


Prices for the available antibiotics seem average but not the lowest on the web. For example, 30 pills of Amoxil 500 mg cost $30.15 per pack ($1.01 per pill). You can also buy 30 pills of Zithromax 500 mg for $73.10 ($2.44 per pill).

The store doesn’t reveal who is the manufacturer of these meds or where they are dispensed from. This is another factor that makes me suspect the company may be selling fake and counterfeit drugs.

Payment and Shipping

Regretfully, this website does not give customers any information about available shipping methods. I can only suggest they (like many other pharmacies) are delivering products using standard airmail delivery service. They only offer that they offer the best conditions for shipping and guarantee timely delivery.

Payment options are not indicated either, which makes this store not only suspicious but also inconvenient to use.

Legal Approvals

Canadian Antibiotics Online does not have any legal approval to run its online pharmacy. This puts their clients at high risk.

When we check with LegitScript we find out that the status of this store is not very favorable.


According to LegitScript, this company meets the definition of a rogue internet pharmacy. This isn’t entirely surprising bearing in mind what we have already found out about this store.


Unfortunately, this website has no secure connection and no antivirus protection. The risks can include credit card fraud and user data insecurity.

Besides, it turns out that 1CanadianAntibiotics.com is not actually a pharmacy but just an intermediate party. It’s a kind of bridge between a user and another pharmacy. When you try to make a purchase on this site you are redirected to a different site to enter your personal details – CanadianRxMed.com. This is another common feature of rogue pharmacies that cannot be trusted.

User Reviews

Does not seem reliable

1 5 1
No point in using this website if you are finally redirected to CanadianRxMed.com. Does not seem reliable…

My order did not arrive!

1 5 1
Order Cipro through 1CanadianAntibiotics.com. When my order did not arrive on time, I tried to call them but the phone number does not work. I tried to contact the pharmacy many times and received no reply. Do NOT use this website!

Do not order from them!

1 5 1
Tried to make a purchase a few days ago. When they redirected me to another store, I decided to interrupt the process and shop elsewhere! Not recommend you using such pharmacies since I had some unpleasant experience!

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