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Company Name: The Best Asthma Remedies
Year Founded: 2017
Business Address: 6001 Woodland Ave Cleveland, OH 44104 USA
Phone Number: Unknown
Email: [email protected]
License: No
Prescription: No
Ships from: Unknown
Shipping Options: Unknown
Payment Options: Unknown
Customer Support: Email
Discount: Yes

Domain Info

The record from the Whois database for shows that this domain is only 765 days old. This is the first thing that makes the business look suspicious. Very young domains are a common feature of rogue online pharmacies, while stores which have been active for many years usually reliable. The domain was registered on 2017-05-21 and is going to expire on 2020-05-21, the last update on this site was made on 2018-11-14. The registrar name is GRANSY S.R.O D/B/A SUBREG.CZ Gransy, s.r.o. The registrant name is hidden, the whois report also mentions that this company does not own this domain. The registrant country is however indicated as the Czech Republic.

Although the domain was registered in the Czech Republic, the website’s IP location is indicated as California – San Francisco – Cloudflare Inc., which makes this business look even more suspicious. Another thing that worries me is that there are 496 other sites hosted on this server. Besides, the company had 2 changes on 2 unique IP addresses over 2 years and its name “The Best Asthma Remedies” seems to be fake since there are no official records about it on the web. All these aspects may indicate that this website is not safe.

All other data are about this domain are protected and not disclosed. Obviously, they are using a domain privacy service to keep the company’s real name and contact detail out of the Whois record.

Products and Pricing

This website does not sell directly but advertises to buy only 1 product – Ventolin (Albuterol) inhaler without prescription. It is a popular medication for asthma treatment that relaxes airway muscles and boosts the flow of oxygen to the lungs. It is used to relieve respiratory difficulties in patients with asthma, reversible obstructive airway disease and other respiratory conditions. Of course, this range is TOO limited. Reputable online stores usually sell numerous drugs for various health conditions.


The prices for Ventolin is extraordinary low, probably the lowest on the market. They offer to pay only $25 per item. They also offer to save $112 by ordering 8 canisters for only $200.

special offer

The thing that worries me is that they do not specify the manufacturers of this product and where it is dispensed from. This fact may mean that may be engaged in the sale of fake medical products

Payment and Shipping

Unfortunately, the website does not give any information about delivery and payment options. They only mention that the delivery is worldwide and always quick. The hidden details make this website look not only incomplete but also inconvenient to use.

Legal Approvals

I found not a single sign that is legit. Obviously, this company has no regulation. They promise they are licensed and offer only certified inhalers but never mention who they are licensed by. This is a common feature of pharmacies selling counterfeit medicines.

An additional check with LegitScript gave no results: they don’t have any info on in their database. This isn’t surprising keeping in mind that this business is not a pharmacy.


The facts that make this website a complete waste of time are the lack of antivirus program and secure connection. This means your personal data is vulnerable and could get into the hands of third parties; besides, you can infect your computer or smartphone with viruses and dangerous malware. The browser recommends that I do not enter any sensitive information on this site (passwords, credit cards, etc.) because it could be stolen by attackers.


The last thing that makes this website a bad choice for buying Ventolin (Albuterol) online is the fact that it is not a pharmacy but just an intermediate party between a buyer and a real pharmacy. When you try to buy Ventolin on this website, you are redirected to another site to fill in your personal details and finalize the order – This is a common feature of rogue companies that cannot be trusted.

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