RxCanada4less.com Review: A Wide Selection of Diabetic Products

Company Name: Mark’s Marine Pharmacy
Year Founded: 2002
Business Address: 239 SE Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V5X 2S4, Canada
Phone Number: +1-877-888-9265
Email: [email protected]
License: Yes
Prescription: Yes
Ships from: Canada, Mauritius
Shipping Options: Regular Airmail
Payment Options: Visa, American Express, checks, money orders, e-check
Customer Support: Email, Phone
Discount: Bonus pills

Domain Info

RXCanada4less.com was registered in 2002 as an online pharmacy and won’t expire until April 2020. From the domain name, we can deduce that this business is based in Canada. Besides, the website’s registrar is indicated as Rebel Ltd, a publicly traded Internet services and telecommunications company, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. However, the store may not be as legit as it seems. The thing is that the site’s owner is using a privacy service to hide its contact information.

According to who.is report, the company goes by the name Marks Marine Pharmacy. Their website clearly indicates their business address: 239 SE Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC Canada V5X 2S4. The address seems real and this is a good sign. That is probably the main reason the store been in business for a very long time.

The website’s IP address is located in Chicago, Illinois, which means the pharmacy somehow ties to the USA.

It’s nice that their domain is hosted on a dedicated server, however, the website had 19 changes on 19 unique IP addresses over 14 years. So, there are some issues about this online business that worry me.

Products and Pricing

Marks Marine Pharmacy claims to offer over 30,000 different brands of drugs. They sell both generic and brand-name drugs. Apparently, their favorite product is insulin, a drug for diabetes. They can refill and ship various types of insulin including Novolog, Lantus, Humalog, and many others. This offer is displayed on their home page:


Many online pharmacies do not offer insulin because it is very delicate.

Unlike most Internet pharmacies, this store seems very strict when it comes to the sale of drugs. You have to send a prescription when purchasing any product with an Rx mark. You may send your Rx via fax, email or mail. Their over the counter drugs do not require a prescription.

They also mention that they do not sell controlled substances or narcotics.

When it comes to pricing, Rx Canada4 Less claims to offer drugs at 80% less than the average prices. If you want to find out the price of a For you to know the price of a particular product, you have to use the search bar by entering the drug name in the field provided. This is not entirely convenient, especially if you do not know the name of the product.

I was able to check the offer for ED treatments. I searched for Viagra and found a rich selection of generic versions of Viagra from various manufacturers. The medications were quite expensive as the price of 25 mg of generic Viagra is $2.3 per unit. The company also mentions that most of their medications are sourced from licensed Canadian pharmacies. Nevertheless, they also ship drugs from the United States, India, Singapore, Turkey, Canada, United Kingdom, and Mauritius.

prices viagra

According to the website, they offer a price match guarantee, but I was not able to find out how it works.

Payment and Shipping

Marks Marine Pharmacy ships orders to all countries and delivery times depend on the destination. Most parcels are sent out within 24 hours. They offer several shipping options:

  • Canada regular post – costs $14.75 and takes about 14 days;
  • Canada Expedited post – costs $19.95 and takes about 8-10 days;
  • Canada Express Post – costs $24.95 and takes about 7 days;
  • Overseas Expedited Post – cost $15 and takes about 20 days;
  • Shipping with USPS – costs depend on the current rates charged by USPS.

Shipping costs are reasonable. Keep in mind that shipping fees for temperature-sensitive drugs are higher because of additional protection that such products require. Temperature sensitive products are sent out via express delivery.

In all cases, the store provides tracking numbers so you can track the status of your order.

The pharmacy accepts a wide range of payments. You can pay for your meds using checks, e-check, and money orders. Accepted credit cards include VISA and American Express only. You can’t pay with Paypal. The company also wants you to know that U.S. customers may be charged a transaction fee. They can avoid it by paying with a check.

Legal Approvals

The website clearly displays the pharmacy’s license number as #20888. However, I cannot confirm if the number is valid.

Despite the pharmacy’s claims of legal activity, they do not have any other legal approvals or certifications from major regulatory agencies such as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). A check on the CIPA website indicates that this drugstore does not appear in the CIPA member base.

cipa base

Furthermore, the pharmacy is not approved by LegitScript. The main reason of the Unapproved status is that the company was not able to verify itself as per the standards set by LegitScript. LegitScript advises consumers that such stores must be avoided as they could be spam.


The only approval comes from Pharmacy Checker. The rest of the regulatory agencies do not approve this drugstore, which raises questions about its legitimacy.


RxCanada4less.com follows patient privacy guidelines by using SSL encryption (256 bit) verified by DigiCert Inc. It means that all online transactions are safe and secure. They even have an Extended Validation SSL certificate, the highest form of SSL certificate on the market. The address bar even displays the website’s owner (Marks Marine Pharmacy) and its location (Vancouver), which is definitely a good sign:


The antivirus is regretfully not used by this online company, which means your computer, smartphone or laptop may be infected with viruses.

Based on these findings, I conclude that this pharmacy could be a good choice for customers, especially those who need diabetes medications, however, lack of legal approvals raises questions about its legitimacy.

User Reviews

Have doubts

3 5 1
They have different web addresses and I’m not sure whether it’s a legit pharmacy…

Would not order from them

1 5 1
Their website is US based but the business is not! Would not order from them.

Very good pharmacy

4 5 1
I’ve ordered from Mark’s Marine Pharmacy for 3 years. I am able to get Canadian brand-name drugs at lower prices. Customer service is excellent. Never had any problems except one with delivery, but their manager resolved it quickly.

They are not legit

1 5 1
Rx Canada4 Less does not comply with federal and state laws! They also violate the NABP safety standards. Hence, I would not buy anything from this store!

They sent me a less effective analog!

1 5 1
I am very disappointed in their level of service. They ran out of the drug I’ve been using for a long time and then sent me a less effective analog! Now they are ignoring my emails and calls!

Highly recommended!

5 5 1
Genuine medication and great customer service. Their staff worked with me to find out the right amount of tablets and the shipping option that was best for me. I will buy prescriptions from them again.

Great experience!

4 5 1
These guys are very professional. My order was delivered quickly and the service was more impressive than most US pharmacies. It was easy to contact them and they are legal. The prices are affordable. Only four stars because it’s my first experience with this store.


5 5 1
I've ordered here many times. My med is hundreds of dollars less than in the states WITH insurance. They are always helpful making sure you get your script in time. Very friendly. Never ordered meds from canada before now. Would 100% recommend.

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